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Medical Device

Cleanroom clothing is primarily worn to contain particles inside the suit which are shed by workers during activity. Clothing may also be worn to protect the wearer from substances that are being handled.

Cleanroom garments are specially designed and constructed for particle containment:

  • Garments should cover the entire body
  • Closures at the wrists and ankles should be tight with tunnelized elastic
  • Garment should allow for excess movement and stretch in arms and legs to prevent ripouts and exposure of skin, both of which lead to particle contamination

In addition to cleanrooms that control particles, some cleanroom environments also try to eliminate bacteria. These environments are called sterile cleanrooms, and there are two types. One type is a room where sterility is the main issue. Another type is a room where sterility and particle containment are the key concerns. Pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical devices are industries where sterile environments are used.

The products below are frequently selected for use in the medical device industry, but this is not a comprehensive list.  Please click the Industry option in the Product Selector tool at the top of this page to specify your unique challenges and find the garment(s) that best suit your needs. 

Frequently Selected - Medical Device

Tyvek® IsoClean®

Shoe Cover

Serged Seams

Gripper™ Skid-Resist Sole

5" High

Elastic Opening

Tyvek® Micro-Clean® 2-1-2

Coverall w/ Bound Neck & Loop

Dolman Sleeves

Bound Seams

Covered Elastic Wrists

Covered Elastic Ankles




Serged Seams

Bound Hood Opening w/ Ties

Full Face Opening



Bound Seams

Pleated Rayon Facing

9" Size

Tyvek® Ties

Metal Nose Piece

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