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Electronics and Semiconductor

There are a variety of activities in the manufacturing of electronics & semiconductors that require personal protection, including:

  • Protection of the product in cleanrooms to produce semiconductors and other sensitive electronic components
  • Protection of the worker from chemical warfare agents and during chemical processing applications

DuPont offers a wide variety of protective clothing to meet these needs.

For many applications, Tyvek® 400 coveralls and lab coats provide an ideal balance of protection, durability, and comfort of any limited use fabric.

Tyvek® material is inherently low-linting, protecting the final product from particulates generated from the humans who are wearing it. Tyvek® garments also have a long history of use in cleanrooms.

DuPont™ Tyvek® IsoClean® clean-processed and sterile single-use garments are one of the most popular products in the DuPont Controlled Environments portfolio and feature a variety of styles.

The products below are frequently selected for use in electroncs & semiconductors, but this is not a comprehensive list.  Please click the Industry option in the Product Selector tool at the top of this page to specify your unique challenges and find the garment(s) that best suit your needs.  

Frequently Selected - Electronics and Semiconductor

Tyvek® 400

Frock w/ Collar

Elastic Wrists

Extends to Knee

Front Snap Closure

Serged Seams

Tyvek® 400


18" Long

Elastic at Both Ends

Serged Seams

ProShield® 60

Coverall w/ Std. Hood

Elastic Wrists

Att. Skid-Resistant Boots

Serged Seams

Tyvek® IsoClean®


Bound Seams

Ties with Loops

Full Face Opening

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