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The construction industry intersects with several applications that may require personal protection.  In construction activities,  workers can unknowingly bring home hazardous substances on their clothes, shoes, skin, tools and vehicle interiors. These hazardous substances, known as “take-home toxins,” can embed themselves in furniture and laundry, circulate through household air, and be transmitted by person-to-person contact, leaving family members vulnerable.

Tyvek® disposable coveralls are especially relevant in this space, where workers are often involved in tasks that require comfort, mobility, and durability. Tyvek(R) garments  offer high abrasion resistance, even under harsh conditions, and their comfort-fit design allows for greater range of motion and fewer blowouts.

In the building and construction space, workers may need protection from dirt, dust, and grime while working in crawlspaces or performing repairs. They may also be involved in paint or finishing tasks, spray foam or fiberglass insullation application, or abatement and redmediation activities, each of which require specific levels of protection based on the hazards being faced.

Metal & alloy production and recycling are industries with high exposures to beryllium, a carcinogen and hand sensitizer. OSHA has recently issued a revision to its industry standards to go into effect 03/2017. There are additional toxic metals in this segment, including chromium, lead, and arsenic.

Metal fabricators and workers in machine shops can be exposed to non-hazardous dry particles and non-hazardous light liquid splash from cutting/cooling fluids. The focus is on keeping street clothes clean in these applications.

The products below are frequently selected for use in construction, but this is not a comprehensive list.  Please click the Industry option in the Product Selector tool at the top of this page to specify your unique challenges and find the garment(s) that best suit your needs. 

Frequently Selected - Construction

ProShield® 10

Coverall w/ Std. Hood

Elastic Wrists

Elastic Ankles

Storm Flap

Serged Seams

ProShield® 50

Coverall w/ Std. Hood

Elastic Wrists

Att. Skid-Resistant Boots

Serged Seams

Tyvek® 400

Coverall w/ Collar

Open Wrists

Open Ankles

Serged Seams

Tyvek® 400 D


Open Ankles

Elastic Waist

Serged Seams

Tyvek® 400 Front; ProShield® 10 Back

Resources - Construction

Silica Technical Bulletin

Hazard Matrix