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GB304S option 0B
GB304S option 0B
GB304S option 0B
GB304S option 0B
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DuPont™ ProClean® 2

GB304S option 0B

DuPont™ ProClean® 2 Scrub Top, SMS, Short Sleeve, with Chest and Waist Pockets, Unisex. Blue.

Full Part Number :

GB304SBUxx00600B  (xx=size)  Help

Fabric / Material :

DuPont™ ProClean® 2

Design :


Seam :


Color :


Quantity/Box :

60 per case

Sizes :

MD, LG, XL, 2X, 3X

Option Codes :


DuPont™ ProClean® 2 scrub tops are made to the high quality standards you have come to expect from DuPont. Each ProClean® scrub top is made from spunbond meltblown spunbond (SMS) fabric.

  • SMS Short Sleeve Scrub Top
  • Dark Blue
  • Unisex
  • Chest and Hip Pocket



  • The shirt shall be blue in color.
  • The shirt shall have 1 chest pocket.
  • The shirt shall be constructed of SMS fabric.
  • The shirt shall have 1 waist pocket.
  • The shirt shall have serged seams.
  • The shirt shall be non-sterile.
  • The shirt shall have short sleeves.


Size Chest Width Length
MD 24 27 1/2
LG 26 27 1/2
XL 28 29 1/4
2X 29.5 30 1/2
3X 30.5 30 1/2


  • Wear other appropriate PPE such as, but not limited to, respiratory, eye, head, hand, and foot protection based on the hazard assessment.
  • This garment only provides partial body coverage. It may be worn in combination with other chemical resistant PPE as required based on the hazard assessment.


  • Warning: Cleanroom apparel should not be used around heat, flames, sparks or in potentially flammable or explosive environments. Cleanroom fabrics should have slip-resistant materials on the outer sole of boots, shoe covers, or other garment surfaces in conditions where slipping could occur.
  • Latex Statement: As of January 1, 2006, DuPont production specifications exclude use of components containing natural rubber latex in the manufacture of Dupont™ Tyvek® IsoClean®, Tyvek™ Micro-Clean® 2-1-2 and ProClean® garments, and DuPont™ ProShield® 10 and DuraTrac™ shoe covers. Notwithstanding, DuPont™ Tyvek® Micro-Clean® 2-1-2 and Duratrac™ shoe covers produced by Cardinal Health prior to May 2008 may contain dry crumb natural rubber latex.
  • Anyone who begins to exhibit allergic response during the use of DuPont products should immediately cease using these products. The incident should also be reported to DuPont at 1.800.441.3637.


  • Note: for protection from hazardous or infectious liquids, additional barrier tests are required to establish suitability for use.
  • Data presented does not comprise a product specification.